Thursday, September 08, 2005

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Britney was not nominated for any 2005 MTV VMA awards, which is ridiculous. Not only was she not nominated for any this year, but she has never won any in the past. I don't understand, does MTV have something against her? She has given MTV countless numbers of viewers to shows such as TRL. Also, she has given some of the most memorable performances at the past VMAs.
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She is one of MTV's biggest icons, but they continue to disrespect her like this. created this petition to nominate Britney for the 2005 VMAs. Please post this petition on your website, in a forum, or whatever. Thanks!
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Well, first off let me tell you this is one of the most up to date Britney sites ever,
and I thank you for being on top of things.
britney spears poster
I am actually sad to see and hear Britney fans to be questioning our B’s ability to make a strong and successful career comeback. I mean, when I log onto forums and etc. I expect to hear those Britney bashers question the chances and say its not possible or even likely, but when I hear and see, people I know to genuinely like Britney, question her ability to spring back into the music biz it angers me. I know everyone has their own opinions and blah, blah, blah, but… well sometimes they suck, LOL (as I am sure mine does to some as well). I have backed every choice, every decision, every move that Britney has made thru her career because, honestly, I saw no reason not to, she is not harming anyone nor doing anything no one else hasn’t or isn’t going to do later on. She isn’t afraid to take risks and put her self on the line and that is admirable, in my book at least it is.

Some of you might say I am making my statements on her career comeback due to my biasness towards Mrs. Spears, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I am saying this because in all reality it is more than possible, it is gonna happen. Britney has just as much a chance to make a strong comeback as does any other artist. Heck, I think with her status as a Celebrity, even more so than others. I mean she is the musical icon BRITNEY SPEARS. No mater what she has already secured a place in music history, not to mention our hearts. She been thru hell and high places, never looking back or regretting anything, and with that positive and ample attitude she is gonna be back doing what she does best…ENTERTAINING the masses!
britney spears poster
People might be sick of her personal if being thrown around everyday now a days and aren’t willing to give her another chance, but I am, and hopefully you all will to. I am actually wrong with what my very last statement above, I am not giving her another chance because she never lost her chance with me to begin with. To me Britney is still as popular and intriguing as she was from day one, and nothing or anyone is going to stop that. Unfortunately, her personal life has clouded her long, aspiring, and successful musical career, and I think, given people the wrong misconception about Britney! Britney does put some of the focus herself on her personal life, but that to me is to promote her musical life. People seem to be more interested in whom you are sleeping with more than your talents, and that’s a shame. If the focus would shift more to her music and less of her personal issues than I think she is on her way to one of the most successful comebacks ever. We all know she is a talented dancer but she hasn’t really put her focus on her beautiful soft and sometimes Cherish voice, in the meaning that is sometimes rough around the edges and that is wonderful to me. She CAN sing and she has a wonderful voice and unfortunately she has to prove that again to most people before they even give her a look. I mean her voice is so worldly, one minute sexy and soft, the next rough and strong. She is one of those artists that can sing anything and make it wonderful.

WE fans already know Britney is talented, beautiful beyond belief, real, and very intriguing, but as a parent? Hmm…some wonder, but we already have the answer. Once everyone sees that Britney is a wonderful parent she is going to be, I think, of even more interest. This could help her career in so many ways unimaginable.
britney spears poster
Britney has already, so much to work with. I feel and mark my word, she is going to have one of the biggest career comebacks in the history of music and Hollywood. I put my total faith and admiration in this. I mean she is BRITNEY SPEARS! She is ¡§like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get! I meant seriously when hasn’t she ever surprised us?


PS. Don’t post my email addy on here if this gets published please. Hate mail is not cool! Britney fans are without a doubt the best and most loyal fans ever so let’s keep on supporting our Brit! This is just my opinionBritney Spears and Friend Driving and Sunbathing in Malibu - July 29 Thanks Breatheheavy.
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline go to see the comedy Wedding Crashers in Calabasas. Kevin smokes a cigarette near his pregnant wife despite medical warnings. July 24, 2005. Thanks Breatheheavy.
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Friday, August 05, 2005

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Friday, July 29, 2005

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Monday, July 18, 2005

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

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